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Ghatasthapana Puja 2022 Date Muhurth Timings Navratri Vidhi

Know the latest details about the Ghatasthapana Puja 2022 Date Muhurth Timings Navratri Vidhi, Ghatasthapana Mantra Pooja Vidhi Online

According to Hindu religious beliefs, Navratri holds great importance. During these nine auspicious days, Goddess Durga is decorated in nine forms and special pooja is performed. These Navratras fall four times every year, according to the Hindu Almanac.

Ghatasthapana Puja 2022 Date Muhurth Timings Navratri Vidhi

Ashwina Ghatasthapana Date: Monday, September 26, 2022
Ghatasthapana Muhurat : 06:11 to 07:51
Duration:  01 Hour 40 Mins

Ghatasthapana Abhijit Muhurat: 11:48 to 12:36
Duration:00 Hours 48 Mins

The first is Chaitra Navratri, the second is Sharad Navratri, the third is Ashadha Gupta Navratri, and the fourth is Magha Gupta Navratri. It is considered very auspicious to worship Durga during  Navratri. Many people believe that worshiping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga during this time will increase our strength and courage and remove all the difficulties in our life.

Many people believe that by worshiping Goddess Durga during Navratri, stress will be reduced, if there is any problem in life, one can get rid of it and by reciting special mantras related to Goddess Durga, all problems will be solved.

  • This culture is rooted in profound observations about the human system – its relationship with the various aspects of the earth, the moon, the sun and the divine. This is also reflected in when and how we celebrate our festivals. Navratri literally means “nine nights.” These nine nights are counted from the next day of Amavasya Tithi.
  • The first nine days of Shukla Paksha are considered feminine. This time is special for the goddess who represents the feminine in the divine. The ninth day is called Navami. A day and a half near the full moon tithi is the neutral period.
  • The remaining eighteen days are essentially pumastvani. The feminine days of the month are all about the Goddess. This is why traditionally, all the worship till Navami is dedicated to the Goddess.
  • There are twelve such nine-day periods in a year.

Also these focus on different aspects of the Divine Feminine or Devi. Navratri which falls during October is considered very important. Because that is the time dedicated to Sharada Devi who is the embodiment of all education. Among the many things a human can do, this culture attaches the highest importance to education. Other animals can walk faster than us; Stronger than us, they can do many things we can’t – but they can’t learn like we learn. The pride of being human is that you can learn anything if you are willing.

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