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Guruvayoor Devaswom Marriage Booking Temple Registration

Know the latest details about the Guruvayoor Devaswom Marriage Booking Temple Registration, Guruvayoor temple Wedding Slot Booking Online

Guruvayoor temple is one of the temples which has the highest number of marriages in the country. Many pilgrims come to the Guruvayoor temple for the wedding and blessings from the temple. The temple administration provides facilities for the pilgrims who want to do the marriage in the temple wedding halls. The pilgrims can come to the Guruvayoor and can book the temple wedding halls. Once the marriage is finished, the pilgrims can go to the temple administration office and finish the registration formalities. To book for the wedding halls in the temple, the pilgrims need to bring the relevant documents for the slot booking

The pilgrims can also book the Guruvayoor temple marriage slot booking online. But it is suggested to reach the temple some days before the marriage and book at the temple. Before fixing the wedding date, the pilgrims need to consult the temple booking office for the availability of the temple marriage hall.

Guruvayoor Devaswom Marriage Booking Temple Registration

  • For the marriage in the Guruvayoor Devaswom, the pilgrims should first consult the temple booking office. It is suggested to reach the temple booking office before deciding the date for the marriage
  • If the slots are available, the pilgrims can book the marriage hall for the date and can come on the day of the wedding. The pilgrims can finish the wedding and then go for the registration of the marriage
  • The pilgrims need to get the below documents for the booking of the marriage and also for the registration
  • Identification documents of the Bride and Bridegroom like aadhar card
  • Three Passport size photographs
  • Marriage invitation card
  • ID proof of two witnessess
  • Form II certified by Gazetted Office with Round seal
  • Photo of the Thalikattu

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