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Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Price List Online Booking Timings

Know the latest news about the Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Price List Online Booking Timings, Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Daily Timings

Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu means an offering made to the Lord in the temple. The temple is most famous for the Vazhipadu which is offered in the temple by thousands of pilgrims daily. The pilgrims who come to Guruvayur temple will be coming mostly to offer the Vazhipadu to Lord which is good. It is like offering a Prasadam to the Lord Directly

Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Price List Online Booking Timings

The pilgrims who come to them and who are devotees of Lord Krishna here will be praying for the Vazhipadu offering. The pilgrims can go to the temple directly and can offer the Vazhipadu in the temple. The procedure is very simple and easy for the pilgrims to offer the Vazhipadu. The pilgrims can offer the Vazhipadu on any day and need not book in advance. However, there is a procedure to book the Vazhipadu in the Guruvayoor temple online. The pilgrims can use the Vazhipadu Online Booking facility.

Guruvayoor Vazhipadu Price List

The pilgrims can offer many types of Vazhipadu in the Guruvayoor temple. Below are some of the major Vazhipadu which pilgrims offer in the temple. The Vazhipadu is up to the choice of the pilgrims and can be chosen based on their prayer.

Palpayasam: 35.00(1/4 ltr), 140.00(1 ltr)
Neipayasam: 50.00(1/4 ltr), 200.00(1 ltr)
Sarkarapayasam: 45.00(1/4 ltr), 180.00(1 ltr)
VellaNivedyam: 28.00 (1 unit)
Appam: 20.00 (2 nos)
Ada: 20.00 (2 nos)
Avil: 12.00
Thirumadhuram: 10.00
Butter Nivedyam: 15.00
Sugar Plantain: 15.00
Undamala: 50.00
Thirumudimala: 15.00
Niramala: 125.00
Valiya Niramala: 4500.00

This is only the minor list of the Vazhipadu offered in the Guruvayoor temple. The pilgrims can get the full list of the Vazhipadu at the temple counter or else on the temple website. It is highly suggested to get the Vazhipadu list at the temple counter which is the latest and updated. The pilgrims need to pay the amount at the temple counter post which the Vazhipadu is offered to the Lord

Guruvayoor Vazhipadu Online Booking

The pilgrim’s book for the Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Online at the temple website

Click Here to Book the Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Online



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