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Guruvayur Temple Senior Citizens Darshan Timings Booking

Know the latest details about the Guruvayur Temple Senior Citizens Darshan Timings Booking, Guruvayur Temple Senior Citizens Darshan Online

Guruvayur Temple is located in the Guruvayur town of Kerala state. This temple is one of the most visited temples in the state of Kerala. The temple is the bode of Lord Krishna in the form of Chinni Krishna. The temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every day. The Guruvayur Temple is most famous among the devotees of Lord Krishna. So many pilgrims will be coming for Darshan. Apart from Darshan in the Guruvayur Temple the pilgrims also come to the temple to participate in various seva in the temple.

Many pilgrims who come to the Guruvayur Temple is also Senior Citizens. For the benefit of the pilgrims, the temple will be providing many types of Darshan for the pilgrims. Among them is the Senior Citizen Darshan. The pilgrims who are coming to the temple normally can go for the Darshan directly.

Guruvayur Temple Senior Citizens Darshan Timings Booking

  • The pilgrims who are senior citizens can vail the special darshan in the Guruvayur Temple. But please note, the special darshan for the Senior Citizens is subjected to availability. The temple has not fully rolled out the Senior Citizen Darshan
  • Some days the Senior Citizen Darshan is available in the Guruvayur Temple and some days it is not available. The pilgrims can directly go to the Temple tickets and can check if the Guruvayur Temple Senior citizen Darshan is available or not
  • For now, there is no online booking available for the Senior Citizen Darahn of the Guruvayur Temple. The pilgrims need to come offline and can take the Darshan
  • The Timings of the Senior Citizen Darshana at the Guruvayur Temple is from 09.30 AM to 03.30 PM. The pilgrims who are Senior Citizens will be allowed in a Special queue so that the Darshan can be faster.
  • The Senior Citizen Darshan at the Guruvayur Temple is available free of cost and is available daily.

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