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Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu Online Booking Procedure Timings

Know the latest details about the Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu Online Booking Procedure Timings, Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu Photos Procedure

In the Indian state of Kerala is located the holy Vishnu Kshetra of Guruvayur. Located in the Thrissur district, it is both a town and a municipality. In this region, which is locally referred to as Dakshina Dwarka, Lord Krishna is referred to by the name “Guruvayurappan.” “Guruvayur” is the name of the temple dedicated to Balagopala, who is known for his entertaining an audience with his panchajanya conch shell, sudarshan chakra, kaumodakam, padmalayas held in four hands, tulasi garlands, and lovely form. Kannan, Unnikrishnan (Balakrishna), Unnikannan, and Guruvayurappan are the names given to the deity that presides over this temple in Kerala. It is located approximately 30 kilometres away from Thrissur.

Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu Online Booking Procedure Timings

  • The Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu is also Known as the Annaprasana. It is meant that the first food is provided for the child.
  • As per the Indian Traditions, the Chooranu has to do in the 6th month of the Child. Up to this point, the child will be having only the milk
  • The Chooranu is done in the Chooranu Hall the Guruvayoor Temple. The pilgrims will be able to participate in the Chooranu with the Kid daily
  • The Timings of the Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu daily is fromĀ  5 AM to 1 PM
  • The pilgrims can purchase the Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu at the temple counter. The ticket cost for the Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu is Rs. 100. If the pilgrims want to have photos of the Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu they can pay additional Rs. 100 for the photos.
  • Only the Kid and the parents will be allowed for Chooranu. The Chooranu will be having the cooked rice, payasam served in the Plaintain leaf.
  • Currently, Online Bookings are not available for the Guruvayoor Temple Choroonu. The pilgrims have to come to the temple directly for the booking

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