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Guruvayur Temple Darshan Online Booking Today Pooja Seva

Know the details about the Guruvayur Temple Darshan Online Booking Today Pooja Seva, Guruvayur Temple Seva Online Booking, Pooja Online Booking

The Sri Guruvairappan Temple, often referred to as the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple, can be found in the community of Guruvayur, which is found within the Thrissur district of the state of Kerala in India. Lord Krishna is honoured by having his name engraved on this shrine. The Guruvayur Devaswam Board is in charge of the temple’s administration. Inside the temple, visitors are expected to adhere to a stringent dress standard.

Guruvayur Temple Darshan Online Booking Today Pooja Seva

  • The pilgrims who want to visit the Guruvayur temple can book for the Darshan Online. The online booking of the Darshan is available on the temple website
  • The pilgrims can do the online booking for the Guruvayur temple Darshan, Seva and Pooja. The pilgrims can also get the Darshan offline, but online tickets will have confirmed tickets.
  • Click Here to Book for the Guruvayur Temple Darshan Online Today
  • The pilgrims need to fill all the details for the online booking and then select the date and time. Then the pilgrims need to complete the Darshan payment for the Guruvayur temple. Once the payment is completed, the Online Darshan tickets booking for the Guruvayur temple is done.

“Guru,” “Jupiter,” the teacher of the gods, “Vayus,” the god of wind, and “Appan,” meaning “father” or “lord” in Malayalam, are the roots of the phrase “Guruvayurappan,” which translates to “Lord of Guruvayur.” Guruvayurappan’s meaning is “Lord of Guruvayur.” The deity of Krishna was given the name Guruvayarappan during the time that Guru and Vayu were installing the deity of Krishna.

  • The architecture of the temple is traditional to the state of Kerala. The Guruvayur Temple is a good example of the architectural style used in Kerala temples. On the eastern side, it has two gopurams, one on the east and the other on the west. Both gopurams face in opposite directions.
  • The name “Anapanthal” refers to the entire space that is covered in slabs and is located between these gopurams. The Nalambalam, which is a pillared hall with a square shape, can be found in the building’s centre.
  • Along the exterior wall of this hall is a gallery of oil lamps. There is a smaller shrine dedicated to Ayyappan located on the side of Nalambalam that faces south. The Kutambalam may be found on the northeastern side of this shrine, and it was here that ancient people used to put on dance performances.

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