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Guruvayur Darshan Timings Today Open Closing Time Daily

Know the latest details about the Guruvayur Darshan Timings Today Open Closing Time Daily, Guruvayur Temple Darshan Open Timings Closing

The Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is one of the most well-known Krishna temples in all of South India, and it can be found in the Indian state of Kerala. This temple is believed to be approximately 5,000 years old, and it can be found in Guruvayur, which is a tiny town in the Thrissur district. On the other hand, there is no historical evidence to support the notion that the temple was ever built. The Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is mentioned in a number of literary works written in Tamil during the 14th and 16th centuries AD, including “Kokasandesham” and “Narayaniyam.” There is evidence to suggest that the current sanctum sanctorum was reconstructed in the year 1638 AD.

Guruvayur Darshan Timings Today Open Closing Time Daily

The Guruvayur temple is Opened at 09.30 AM in the morning daily.

The Guruvayur is Closed at 03.30 PM daily

The Guruvayur temple Timings will not change mostly except during the festival timings. The pilgrims otherwise can follow the below timings for the Opening and Closing of the temple.

  • Monday: 9:30am–3:30pm
  • Tuesday: 9:30am–3:30pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30am–3:30pm
  • Thursday: 9:30am–3:30pm
  • Friday: 9:30am–3:30pm
  • Saturday: 9:30am–1pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Even back then, it had already established a reputation for being one of the most significant Vaishnava Kshetras in South India. According to this section of the Sthalapurana, Janamejaya, who had previously performed a sacrifice to a serpent, contracted leprosy as a result of the serpent’s curse.

Acting on the advice of Dattatreya, Janamejaya then went to Guruvayur to perform penance to Lord Vishnu in order to get rid of the curse. The Rudra Theertha, which can be found to the north of the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple, is rumoured to have a history that dates back thousands of years. It is claimed that Lord Shiva and his family offered worship and sacrifice to Lord Vishnu at this location. This location hosts celebration for all of the Vaishnava holidays, including Shri Krishna Janmashtami and Dolapurnima.

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