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Tirumala Divya Darshan By Walk Timings Today Status TTD

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Divya Darshan By Walk Timings Today Status TTD, TTD Walk Darshan Timings Today Status for Booking

Tirumala temple has introduced the Divya Darshan for the pilgrims who come to the temple on a walk. The pilgrims can get the Darshan tickets at the Tirumala footpath steps. The pilgrims who come by walk to Tirumala are given special preference in the Darshan. Through these tickets, the pilgrims who come by the walk will be able to get fast Darshan. The waiting time will be very less for the pilgrims who get this Darshan. But this Divya Darshan which is the walking pilgrim’s Darshan is reserved for only pilgrims who come by walk

The Current status today of the Divya Darshan is available. The pilgrims can go to the Tirumala temple and can avail of this Darshan. Please note, the Divya Darshan is the name of the Darshan type in Tirumala. The pilgrims will be given more preference in the waiting time only, apart from that the pilgrims will have normal Darshan Only.

Tirumala Divya Darshan By Walk Timings Today Status TTD

  • To avail of the Divya Darshan, the pilgrims have to start walking from the Alipiri or the Srivari mettu footpath. Once the pilgrims go near the mod point in the steps, the pilgrims will be offered the Divya Darshan tokens
  • The pilgrims need to carry an aadhaar card for the booking of the Divya Darshan tokens. Please note, the Divya Darshan tokens in Tirumala are limited per day. The tickets will be provided on a first-come-first serve basis. Once the tickets are completed the pilgrims will not be able to book the Darshan
  • The Divya Darshan token timings daily will be from 6 AM. As soon as the walking path of Darshan is opened, the pilgrims can go and book for the Darshan. The status of the Divya Darshan every day will change as per the TTD norms.

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