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Guruvayur Temple LIVE Today Current Crowd Waiting Status

Know the latest details about the Guruvayur Temple LIVE Today Current Crowd Waiting Status, Guruvayur Temple Pooja Today Darshan Status

In the Indian state of Kerala is located the holy Vishnu Kshetra of Guruvayur. A significant part of the Thrissur district is home to this town. Lord Krishna is honoured here in this Kshetra as Guruvayurappan. This Kshetra is also known as Dakshina Dwarka.

In the temple of Guruvayur, he is shown as Balagopala, who has four hands, a panchajanya conch shell, a sudarshan chakra, a kaumodakam and padmalayas, tulsi garlands, and a charming form. In addition, he is adorned with tulsi garlands. In the Indian state of Kerala, this temple may be found around 30 kilometres outside of Thrissur. In this place, the length of the Nallanaya is determined by the names Samini Kannan and Unni Krishnan, which translate to Balakrishna, Unni Kannan, and Guruvayurappan, respectively. Because Guru and Vayu are considered to be the most important factors in the installation of Moolavirattu in this location, the locals have begun to refer to this region as Guruvayuru, which is a combination of their names.

Guruvayur Temple LIVE Today Current Crowd Waiting Status

  • Guruvayur Temple today Darshan is available.
  • Guruvayur Temple Current Crowd Waiting is 1-2 hours only
  • The Status of all the Pooja in the Guruvayur is available now
  • Current Booking at the Ticket counters are available now LIVE

According to the story that explains how this idol came to be placed in this location. It is reported that the idol that is housed within this location’s sanctum sanctorum is 5,000 years old. The evidence supporting this assertion is also presented. It is stated that the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar used to worship this statue. It is reported that incredibly rare Patala granite was used to fashion this idol. The only idol made of this type of rock is this one.

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