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How to get On Spot Current Booking Accommodation in Tirumala

Accommodation in Tirumala

For most of the pilgrims who wants to book accommodation in Tirumla feels very confusing and exhaustive as the process was of different types in Tirumala. This “How to get On Spot Current Booking Accommodation in Tirumala Guide”, will give you complete information on the accommodation in Tirumala.

In Tirumala, the accommodation is provided to pilgrims in Guest houses and Guest house areas. Most of them are multi room choultries. There are Guesthouses with hundreds of rooms and there are more than 70 Guest houses in Tiirumala which can accommodate more than 2 lakh pilgrims per day. All the Guesthouses are owned by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD).

Private Accommodation in Tirumala

There are no private accommodations in Tirumala. All the accommodations are provided by TTD only under the Reservation systems. There are no hotels and lodges in Tirumala which provides stay for the pilgrims.

Types of Accommodation Booking in Tirumala

There are three types of accommodation booking in Tirumala for all the pilgrims. The accommodation in Tirumala is purely allotted based on these three system and no broker system is available for this process.

  1. Online Booking / Advance Booking
  2. Current Booking / Spot Booking
  3. Recommendation Letters

Accommodation Online Booking / Advance Booking in Tirumala

The accommodation can be booked through the TTD Online website. 50% of the rooms are released for the online booking quota and remaining 50% is released for spot booking quota. This is the only way to book the accommodation in advance in Tirumala. The rooms quota will be released before 60 days and and can be booked in advance.

Procedure of Accommodation Online Booking / Advance Booking in Tirumala

Through online booking you can select the room type whether AC or Non AC and you select the price range. The rooms are available in prices of Rs. 100. Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 1500, Rs.2000, Rs. 2500, Rs. 5000. You can select based on your choice. Rooms will not be provided to Single Pilgrims or Un-married couples.

Once you book the room, based on the availability of the room on that particular date, the rooms will be assigned to you. All the rooms are allotted for 24 hours only with equivalent Caution deposit amount.

Current Booking / Spot Accommodation in Tirumala

If you are unable to book the accommodation well in advance, then you can book the accommodation on arrival to Tirumala. But there will huge crowd for this procedure during peak seasons. Once you reach Tirumala, you can book the accommodation in Tirumala itself

Procedure of Current Booking / Spot Accomodation in Tirumala

Once you reach Tirumala, you can report to CRO office and can book the accommodation based on your choice. The rooms allotment will start from morning 06.00 AM with a huge line waiting for the rooms and the will be opened till the rooms are available.

For more Information on Tirumala CRO office click here

Recommendation Letters  Accomodation in Tirumala

The accommodation in Tirumla, is allotted based on recommendation from the VIP’s or protocol VIP’s. The pilgrims who holds the recommendation letter for accommodation can report to the CRO office with the letter. The recommendation letter for accommodation should be addressed to either Executive Office or JEO of TTD.

Best Way to Book Accommodation in Tirumala

The best Best Way to Book Accommodation in Tirumala is to book the accommodation online. Sometimes, it will be very tough to get the accommodation on the spot may be due to heavy crowd and sometime the recommendation letter may not be accepted during special occasions. To have a hassle free peaceful accommodation, it is highly suggested to book the accommodation well before in advance through the online portal.



  1. WHY 21st sep 2023 and 22nd sept 2023 shows slot not released
    When will that dates slot released ?
    We are trying from day 1 minute 1 online

    We have booked Darshan ticket also but no accommodation

  2. Hi . I’m planning a Darshan tomo . I have an infant and will reach in the evening . I need accomodation for tomo night . What should I do. .

  3. I have booked 9 tickets of 300rs darshan tickets to my family on 10-10-2023 6pm slot.

    When go to book accommodation it shows that your mobile number is not eligible for accommodation.

    What to do to get rooms in tirumala?

  4. Hello sir
    Can I get a room on September 12th 2023
    Because the when I’m trying to book a room it is showing there are no slots Available


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