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Tirumala Accommodation Cancellation Procedure

Tirumala Accommodation Online Booking

Tirumala TTD Accomodation Tickets Cancellation Procedure due to COVID 19

With the outbreak of the Corona Virus in India, the authorities of the Tirumala temple has cancelled all the Darshan and accommodation tickets which has been booked online. For all the which is booked online, the authorities either allow a cancellation or else the pilgrims can postpone the tickets to the future dates, which is after May 2020. To cancel the tickets, the pilgrims have to mail all their booking details to [email protected]. Once the pilgrims send the email with the details, the temple authorities will guide the pilgrims for further process of cancellation or postponement.

For the pilgrims who visits Tirumala, the accommodation can be booked at the TTD Online Website. While booking for the accommodation, pilgrims has to deposit the amount equal to the charge of the accommodation they have selected. The accommodation quota is released before 90 days for any date on the website.

Tirumala Accommodation Online Booking Cancellation Procedure

  • Once the accommodation is booked, thee amount will be deduced from your bank account and will be credited to TTD.
  • If any pilgrim wishes to cancel the accommodation, which they have book, they can cancel the accommodation at the TTD Online Website.
  • Please remember all the transaction which you do in the TTD Online Website has be to be done with you Login Account Only.
  • The accommodation can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the date which the pilgrim has booked to stay iin Tirumala or Tirupati.
  • To Cancel the accommodation room, pilgrim can login to the TTD online website account and can click on cancel in the Transactions Page.
  • The Room cancellation is not allowed one day before the accommodation date irrespective of time slots.
  • Once the pilgrim cancel the accommodation, the refund is made to the same of transaction in 2-3 weeks.
  • The status of the Cancellation can be monitored from the TTD Online Website.
  • Cancellation cannot be done to the rooms which are not availed by the pilgrim. The amount will not be refunded if pilgrim fail to get the accommodation.


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