Tirumala TTD Darshan Seva Tickets Cancellation Procedure

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52 Responses

  1. Cancel ticket balaji

  2. Ramana says:

    Please help me….. We r going to Tirumala on 2 sep 19. It is not possible…… Because I have no leave……. so I requested to you …… 7special darshanam tickets on 2nd sep 19, cancel now ….. Please help me

  3. Rajendra G Pise says:

    Please cancel the Darshan ticket for the date 18/10/19 11 .00 am as by mistake this date was selected.
    4 persons ID 20071969167383 booked on 20/7/19

    Please cancel

  4. Rajendra G Pise says:

    Do cancellation and reply

  5. Please cancel the darshan ticket for the date 29/07/2019 report time 10 AM am not coming in tample railway is cancel 4 person ID12041945029796 booked date 12/04/2019

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