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Tirumala TTD Darshan Seva Tickets Cancellation Procedure

Tirumala TTD Darshan Seva Tickets Cancellation

Tirumala TTD Darshan Seva Tickets Cancellation Procedure due to COVID 19

With the outbreak of the Corona Virus in India, the authorities of the Tirumala temple has cancelled all the Darshan and accommodation tickets which has been booked online. For all the which is booked online, the authorities either allow a cancellation or else the pilgrims can postpone the tickets to the future dates, which is after May 2020. To cancel the tickets, the pilgrims have to mail all their booking details to [email protected]. Once the pilgrims send the email with the details, the temple authorities will guide the pilgrims for further process of cancellation or postponement.

Tirumala TTD Darshan Seva Tickets Cancellation

Pilgrims can book TTD Special Darshan, Darshan and Seva tickets online at the TTD Online Website. All the payments on the TTD online can be made through NET Banking, Cedit Card and Debit Card. Once the transaction is completed, the pilgrims can download the ticket from the TTD Online Website. The tickets can be downloaded in PDF format and the tickets has to be printed and should be brought along while going to Tirumala for Darshan.

Tirumala TTD Darshan Seva Tickets Cancellation Procedure

When any pilgrim fails to attend the seva, or fails to avail the Darshan tickets which has been booked online, it cannot be cancelled. As per the TTD Rules as of now, the tickets which has been booked for Darshan, Special Darshan, Seva cannot be Postponed, transferred or Cancelled. All the bookings which the pilgrim made is final and cannot be Cancelled.

TTD Special Darshan Cancellation Terms

When a pilgrims books special darshan online at the TTD Online website, they  accept the Terms and conditions of the TTD which states than the tickets once booked cannot be Postponed, transferred or Cancelled. There were incidents pilgrims reaching to Customer care and asking for refunds which is not allowed as per the TTD Rules and regulation. So when the bookings are made, the pilgrims has to very clear about the booking and date of booking and details in the booking of the ticket.



  1. At least it should not block the booking for 180 days, i am not able to book the seva tickets for November 24th 2023, since already booked on October 13th, and i am not able to visit in October 13th since none of my family member were able to book on october 13th slot, now they all booked for November 24th and mine not got booked.

  2. Om namo venkatesh yehanamaha
    **Tirupati is largest templein world wide **
    Sir This is suresh from annavaram kakinada dist please bring changes to T.T.D web site because so many members un happy to one thing cancel against dharshan tickets and changes to name and age etc to tickets

  3. Our darshan is on August 14 but the Narayanadri train is cancelled on those days. can we cancell the darshan tickets

  4. Hi TTD,

    I heard that TTD is not cancelling tickets booked even after post covid. You have booked the ticket and for some reason you cannot make it to the temple, what wrong in cancelling the ticket so that some other devotee can get the darshan. So why cannot TTD cancel the booking and issue refund. I hope TTD is not in such bad shape that it has to steal from devotee now.

    • Hello, Then every possible person will cancel out of lakhs of devotees visiting every day. This leads to actual devotees lacking Darshan and refunds will be more than Darshan. Thanks

      • Yes, A person who cannot make due to other commitment will have to cancel this booking and this is a fair ask to refund the amount. Bank will take of refund if TTD share the details to them, see the bright see few more people will get job to process the refund of devotee who have valid reason and ask for refund.

        Secondly, I believe Lord Venkateswara will not be happy if is devotee spend their money without visiting him for a darshan. May the story is different if TTD employee need this sort of money collected and making devotee unhappy.

        Third, Once their is slot booked, your system will not allow to book another sort Sr C within 90 days and will have to book for Rs 300 darshan.


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