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Hyderabad Ganesh Permission 2023 Telangana Rules Online Book

Know the details about the Hyderabad Ganesh Permission 2023 Telangana Rules Online Book, Vinayaka Chavithi Hyderabad Ganesh Pandal Erection

Ganesh Festival is one of the most important festivals which is celebrated in Hyderabad city. Every year, lots of pilgrims and also tourists come for the Hyderabad Ganesh Festival and also the Ganesh Pandals and idols in the city. There are a lot of pandals in Hyderabad which is for Lord Ganesh. The pilgrims will be forming a committee for the Ganesh Idol and will be placing the idol for that particular area. The pilgrims who want to put up an idol in the area have to get permission now with the concerned department before putting up the Ganesh idol. If the pilgrims don’t take up the proper permission for the Ganesh Idol then legal actions will be taken on the pilgrims.

Hyderabad Ganesh Permission 2023 Telangana Rules Online Book

To erect the Pandal in the area the pilgrims have to first make sure, they follow all the rules and regulations as stipulated by the concerned departments. The pilgrims can apply for the application and can submit the same. After the submission of the application, then the officials will look in the application details and will approve the application. After the application approval only the pilgrims can move further on the Ganesh Pandal erection.

Click Here for the Hyderabad Ganesh Permission 2023 Online

  • First, the pilgrims should make sure they fill the above form with all the details. Many details and other permissions like electricity, immersion and clearance have to be filled in to get the application approved.
  • The pilgrims can submit the application online only when they have the details about the complete Ganesh Idol Installation and the immersion.
  • Once the application is filled out and submitted online before the deadline. The pilgrims should take the printout of the application and reach out the respective office for the permission confirmation.


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