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Kanipakam Temple Vahana Pooja Vehicle Timings Procedure Cost Booking

Know the latest details about the Kanipakam Temple Vahana Vehicle Pooja Timings Procedure Cost Booking, Online Booking, Reporting Place.

The Kanipakam Temple is the most famous temple for the Lord Vinayaka. The temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every year. The pilgrims will be mostly visiting the temple for the seva or else some pooja which they would have been prayed for the Lord Vignesh. This is the reason, when the pilgrims or devotees buy new vehicles they will go to Kanipakam for the pooja of the Vehicle. This is also called the Vahana Pooja in Kanipakam.

Many pilgrims will get the vehicles directly to Kanipakam from the Showroom and then they will be doing pooja here. It is said that the Vahana Pooja done at the Kanipakam temple will get the vehicle good fortune and also if there are any dosha for the vehicle then the dosha also will be removed from the vehicle

Kanipakam Temple Vahana Pooja Vehicle Timings Procedure Cost Booking

  • To do the Vahana Pooja the pilgrims need to get the Vehicle to the Kanipakam temple. Many people will be getting the Vehicles delivered directly from the showroom to the temple itself.
  • From here the pilgrims will be doing the vehicle and then they will be driving the vehicles.
  • The Vahana Pooja will be done near the temple and there is a special place for the Vahana pooja at the temple. Just opposite the temple, the place for the Vahana Pooja is available
  • There are some agents who will take care of the Vahana Pooja from end to end. These agents will be a little bit costly. Otherwise, the devotees can hire the priest and can do the Pooja
  • The charge for the Two-wheelers will be Rs. 300-500 and for the four-wheelers, the pricing will be Rs. 1000-Rs. 3000 based on the requirements of the owner of the vehicle

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