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Kapila Theertham Rudrabhishekam Timings Tirupati Tirumala

Know the latest details about the Kapila Theertham Rudrabhishekam Timings Tirupati Tirumala, Kapila Theertham Tirupati Rudrabhishekam 

The Kapila Theertham temple is the most famous temple in the Tirupati. The temple lies near the mountain of the Tirumala but actually, it lies in the Tirupati city itself near the Nandi circle. Pilgrims can view the Kapila Theertham temple while going to the Tirumala itself. It is on the way to Tirumala temple. The temple is the abode of Lord Shiva. The temple has a lot of history and the temple is visited by lots of pilgrims every day.

Kapila Theertham Rudrabhishekam Timings Tirupati Tirumala

The Timings of the Rudrabhishekam for the Kapila Theertham temple are from 3 PM – 4 PM every Monday.

The pilgrims need to make sure they book for the Rudrabhishekam online for participation.

Click Here to Book for the Kapila Theertham Rudrabhishekam Online

  • The Kapila Theertham temple got its name from the Kapila Saint who has kept the linga here and worshipped Lord Shiva.
  • It is unusual to have a Lord Shiva temple in a Vaishnavite temple-like Tirumala. But the Kapila theertham temple is said to have huge power and the pilgrims who visit the temple of Tirumala will definitely visit the Kapila Theertham temple as well
  • The pilgrims will be huge during the weekends and the pilgrims can book for the Darshan Online. The temple comes under the TTD authority and can book on the TTD website as well
  • The Rudrabhishekam in the Kapila theertham will performed only weekly once and that too the pilgrims who has booked online will be allowed for the Darshan
  • Sometimes the pilgrims can also book for the Rudrabhishekam at the temple counter itsef if the tickets are available. But during the peak times and weekend, the tickets will be exhausted very fast and might not be available.
  • Also as the Rudrabhishekam is conducted for only one week once, the tickets will not be available to book at the temple counter and it is highly suggested for the pilgrims book for the tickets online itself


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