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Karwa Chauth Puja Vidhi Items Samagri Buy Online Verified List

Know the details about the Karwa Chauth Puja Vidhi Items Samagri Buy Online Verified List, Karwa Chauth Puja Pooja Items Buy Online Today

A chavthi for performing Karva Chauth Puja, a plate and a Gadvi (Glass) to keep all the ingredients of worship filled with water, Cow dung to make the idol of Goddess Gora or Parvati, Karva Chauth story book, Sweets for Bhog, Sindoor or kumkum, red thread (kalava), karva – pot filled with water, Baya or Bayana – gift for mother-in-law, incense or incense sticks, matches, betel leaves, ghee or oil, akshat, flowers, sandalwood, roli, mahavar, For offering money, fruits and sweets, camphor, diya made of flour, sieve or channi to see the moon in the evening, red or pink cloth to cover the plate, etc. are needed.

Karwa Chauth Puja Vidhi Items Samagri Buy Online Verified List

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  • On the day of Karva Chauth, after taking bath etc. in the morning, women make a resolution to observe fast and then observe Nirjala fast for the whole day for unbroken good fortune. In the evening, 16 makeups are done for worship.
  • After this, in the auspicious time, worship of Shiva ji, Maa Gauri and Lord Ganesh according to the law. In worship, Gangajal, fruits, flowers, milk, curd, naivedya, incense-lamp, akshat, roli, panchamrit etc. are offered.
  • After this, when the moon rises, after worshipping, they offer Argha. After Chandradarshan, women break the fast by taking water from the hands of their husbands. By observing fast according to law, the life of husband and wife is filled with happiness.
  • For Karva Chauth fasting, earthen spout and its lid, Gangajal, a lotus for water, cotton, incense sticks, lamp, roli, akshat, flowers, sandalwood, kumkum, raw cow’s milk, curd, desi ghee, rice, sweets Honey, sugar, turmeric, sugar powder, yellow soil for making Mata Gauri, sieve for offering water to the moon, wooden seat etc. are required.
  • Apart from this, you also have to buy sweets like Mehndi, Mahawar, Kangha, Bindi, Sindoor, Bangle, Nettle, Chunari etc. Athwari, Halua etc. of 8 puris are also used in the worship. At the end of the puja, keep some money for giving dakshina.


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