Lunar Eclipse 2024 In India Date Timings List Chandra Grahan

Know the details about the Lunar Eclipse 2024 In India Date Timings List Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse 2024 In India Dates Timings Visibility

The Lunar Eclipse which is also called the Chandra Grahan is one of the occurrences in Space. The Lunar Eclipse occurs many times in a year. Sometimes, the Lunar Eclipse will never happen in the year. There is no certain number of Lunar Eclipses happening in the year. The pilgrims who wanted to follow the Lunar Eclipse can follow the calendars where the occurrence is specified. As per the Hindu Mythology, the pilgrims should not see the Lunar eclipse and should avoid all sorts of good happenings on the eclipse day. The pilgrims also need to make sure the Lunar Eclipse should not be watched with the naked eye. Some Lunar Eclipse is not available in available to watch as they are not visible. Even though the Lunar Eclipse is not available to watch, the pilgrims in the country will be following the eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse 2024 In India Date Timings List Chandra Grahan

  • The first Lunar Eclipse in the year 2024 occurs on the date of 25 March 2024. The timings of the Lunar Eclipse in this year is from 05.30 AM – 12.30 PM. As this Lunar Eclipse occurs in the day time, this is not visible in India.
  • The pilgrims cannot watch the Lunar Eclipse from the Indian Sub Continent. The pilgrims will be following all the rules of the Lunar Eclipse.
  • The temples on this will be closed for the pilgrims and will be reopened to the pilgrims after the cleaning is done in the temple. The pilgrims can also do the cleansing in home after the Lunar Eclipse.
  • Normally, during the Lunar Eclipse the pilgrims will not be eating any food and also will not be doing any type of the pooja activity. After the Lunar Eclipse only, and cleansing regular activities will be resumed.

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