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Magha Masam 2022 Marriage Dates Telugu Calendar

Magha Masam 2022 Marriage Dates Telugu Calendar as below provides the best dates for the month. Magha Masam is a month as per the Telugu calendar and panchangam are a well known month. The month is well known for marriages. Almost many marriages in the Telugu states will happen in the Magha Masam only. This year Magha Masam occrs mostly in the whole month of February. Also, this year, the dates for the marriages in the Magha Masam is very less compared to any year.

Below are the General dates for the Marriage and also good functions in the Magha Masam. These dates can be used a good function that has to be done in this month. The Magha Masam ends in the month of March and exactly on 02 March 2022.

Magha Masam 2022 Marriage Dates Telugu Calendar

The best dates of the Marriages and also good functions muhurthams in Magha Masam is as below.

  • February 04 2022
  • February 05 2022
  • February 06 2022
  • February 07 2022
  • February 10 2022
  • February 18 2022
  • February 19 2022
  • February 20 2022

These dates are the best-known dates for Hindus marriages. These dates have good tithis and timings for the people who want to do marriages or any good function this month. Please note, these dates are very good dates for all the general population. For any particular, these dates can change based on their zodiac signs and astrology. One has to check with the astrologer for the best dates as per their requirements.

Generally for marriages, the date will be decided based on the horoscope of both Bride and Bridegrooms. And hence these dates are not standard for the persons who want to do marriage based on Horoscope. When you set dates based on the horoscope then these might change or they might fall in the above same dates. But these dates are good for auspicious days and also for people who are not doing marriages based on any horoscope.

These dates are also good for doing all the Good work in home and business, careers.

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