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Mangadu Amman 6 Weeks Procedure Aaru Vaara Pooja Vidhi

Know the latest news about the Mangadu Amman 6 Weeks Procedure Aaru Vaara Pooja Vidhi, Mangadu Temple amman Pooja Vidhanam Online

In this holy land, Jagan Mata is appearing to us in many places. One such shrine is “Mangadu” Kshetra! Once there were many mango trees in this area. That is why the Tamils ​​call this area Mangadu (manga – mango, kadu – forest or wilderness). In ancient times, this area had the names ‘Sutavanam’ and ‘Amraranyam’. Legend has it that in Mangadu, which was mesmerized by fireflies’ voices, she begged Lord Shiva under a mango tree and did penance, then went to Kanchipuram and got married. Goddesses are measured as Tapahkamakshi (asceticism) and Adikamakshi.

Mangadu Amman 6 Weeks Procedure Aaru Vaara Pooja Vidhi

A story is being told behind the mother coming to Mangadu and weighing him. Once in Kailasa, Umadevi came behind Shiva and closed both his eyes with her two hands. In just a moment, all the worlds went dark and trembled. Then Shiva did not want to hurt Umadevi to remove her hands. At the same time, all living beings should be protected.

Immediately Lord Shiva formed an eye in his forehead, opened that eye and gave light to all the worlds. As a result, all the worlds became conscious again.

Even though Umadevi closed her eyes playfully and thus all the living beings in Sakaloka were suffering, Lord Shiva wanted to search for Umadevi too and put all the worlds in distress, so he took her birth in Bhuloka and said that after doing penance for him in a dense forest, she can return to Kailasa. According to Swami Anathi, Ishwari who reached Bhuloka performed intense penance under a mango tree, kindling fire from the panchabhutas and chanting Shivapanchakshari mantra. Thus Ammavaru, who was in yoga meditation, kept intensifying her penance day by day, thinking of Lord Shiva.

  • The 6 Weeks Pooja in the Mangadu temple is the most powerful pooja in the temple. The pilgrims who want to do the 6 Weeks pooja in the Mangadu temple have to take all the pooja materials and take 2 lemons to the temple
  • The pilgrims will be done pooja and one lemon will be returned. The pilgrims will be provided further instructions in the temple through display boards
  • The pilgrims need to take lemons every week for 6 weeks and should do pooja for the lemons which are returned there.

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