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Mangadu Temple Marriage Procedure Kamakshi Amman Pooja

Know the latest news on Mangadu Temple Marriage Procedure Kamakshi Amman Pooja, Mangadu Temple Marriage at the temple Details Cost

Karunamurthy Parvathiparameshwara was born in Mangadu Kshetra, southwest of Chennai city. Amma here glorifies them as Kamakshi.
Mangadu means mango grove. Now the mango groves are not so visible but the cool weather attracts the devotees to the spacious temple premises. As soon as he goes to the Kovel, Vignanasaka, the destroyer of evil gives darshan to the devotees of Koluvai, who is giving shelter to the goddess’s grace. At the back of the sanctum sanctorum, the idol of Parvati in a penance pose looks charming.

Mangadu Temple Marriage Procedure Kamakshi Amman Pooja

  • The pilgrims who want to do the Marriage in the Mangadu temple have to reach the temple before the day itself
  • The pilgrims can reach the temple office at least one month after the Marriage. The pilgrims can book the Marriage in the temple by paying the token advance
  • The temple price for the Marriage at the Managadu temple depends upon the Marriage arrangements. The pilgrims have to arrange the wedding hall for the Marriage and the tieing knots and Marriage pooja can be done in the temple
  • The pilgrims can avail the prasdam and also the Darshan of the Kamakshi Amman after the Marriage is completed

Once upon a time, Aparnayai, the daughter of Himavantu, performed penance and got Lord Parameshwara as her husband. She wanted Parameshwar to be her husband. Parvati did the most severe penance while standing in the middle of the five stars to come to the Supreme Lord with the mind of accepting love.

As you can see these today, the statue of Ammavari in the temple of Kamakshi Ammavari has her right leg folded, her left leg resting on her left leg, her left hand placed on her heart and her right hand placed on her head.

Devotees put ghee wicks in four lamps, six lamps and two lamps according to their wishes and light them in front of the Goddess. Devotees believe that even if they make a wish by lighting the lamps, the wishes of those who have lit the lamps will be fulfilled since the offering of lamps is dear to the Lord.

Also, it is the belief of the devotees that if they implore this Kamakshamma to have a child and tie the cradled Lord Krishna to the Kovela tree or to the iron bars installed here, then they will surely be blessed with children. Also, it is believed that all bridegrooms who tie Parvati Parameswari in the cradle of this temple in the temple premises will surely get married to the desired groom with the grace of Amma.

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