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Mysore Dasara Fest 2022 Tickets Price Online Booking Gold Card

Know the latest details about the Mysore Dasara Fest 2022 Tickets Price Online Booking Gold Card, Mysore Dasara Exhibition Tickets Online

It is remarkable that the celebrations started by the royal family of Mysore 400 years ago are being done with the same enthusiasm and devotion even today. History says that Dussehra has been celebrated in Mysore since 1610. The Wadayar royal dynasty started these celebrations. The Vadayar clans who ruled Srirangapatnam as their capital earlier shifted their capital to Mysore in 1610.

Since then Dussehra celebrations have been going on with grandeur. After the independence of India, the Mysore kingdom was merged into India. However, the Mysore Dussehra celebrations are still held by the royal family.

Mysore Dasara Fest 2022 Tickets Price Online Booking Gold Card

The viewers who want to take part in the Mysore Dasara celebration have to book tickets before themselves. The tickets can be booked online from various platforms. The ticket pricing starts from Rs. 300 to even Rs. 5000 for a Gold card.

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As for the pre-Dussehra celebrations, the crucial Dussehra celebration is a feast for the eyes. A gold ambari is placed on Gajaraju and the idol of Goddess Chamundi is installed in it and the procession is carried out. Ambari, where 750 kg of gold was burned with the wood of a single tree, is another major attraction of the festival.

Mysore Dasara Fest Exhibition History

On Vijayadashami, this Ambari rajasam parades through the main streets of Mysore, feasting the eyes of millions. The important event in these festivals is the riding of the Jambu on the Gajarajas. Along with the golden Ambari elephant, some other elephants participate in this ceremony dressed in all kinds of ornaments.

Lakhs of devotees flock to Mysore from all over the country to witness this wonderful event. Goddess Shakti is worshiped for nine days before Dussehra. Forms of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali and Chamundeswari are worshipped. Ayudha pooja is performed on Navami along with worshiping Jammi tree and sharing its leaves with each other. It is customary for people of all professions to wash their tools and vehicles, worship them and share sweets on the day of Adyupuja.

  • On the day of Dussehra, the Mysore Maharaja’s Palace is brightly decorated with lakhs of lights. The palace was the residence of the Maharajas of Mysore and kept precious items related to the festivities.
  • The most valuable gold throne in the palace is open to the public for the ten days of Dussehra celebrations.
  • Dussehra deities are performed a day before the Ambari performance. A laser show is also being organized recently. On the occasion of Dussehra, various shakats are performed in Mysore.
  • In this, the development of various districts and departments is becoming a norm. The festival is celebrated with devotion by the people of Mysore considering it as their heritage. On the occasion of Dussehra, every house is decorated with Dussehra splendour. Every house has a toy yard. In a word, Mysore’s Dussehra celebrations are not to be told in words, they are to be witnessed.



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