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TTD Agarbatti Buy Online Price List Home Delivery Tirumala

Know the latest news about the TTD Agarbatti Buy Online Price List Home Delivery Tirumala, Tirumala Balaji Incense Sticks Buy Online

Good news for Tirumala Srivari devotees. Incense sticks made from flowers used in TTD temples are ready for sale. Arrangements are being made to start selling Agarbatti sticks. Agarbattis is  prepared with seven brands to indicate the seven hills.

  • Abhayahasta
  • Tandanana
  • Divyapada
  • Aakrishti
  • Srishti
  • Tushti
  • Drishti

TTD Agarbatti Buy Online Price List Home Delivery Tirumala

Flowers are used daily for worship and decoration in TTD temples. Their consumption is high during festivals and festivals. All the flowers used in this way are removed the next morning. TTD has thought about reusing the flowers used for Swami’s service instead of wasting them.

The flowers used in the local temples of TTD are moved to the incense making center in SV Goshala. Specially trained staff separate the flowers by type and dry them thoroughly in a drying machine and turn them into flour.

Water is added to the flour and mixed with some ingredients. This mixture is put in another machine and incense sticks are made. These are dried in a separate machine for 15 to 16 hours and then placed in another machine and immersed in a scenting solvent. Finally these are dried once again and packed by machines. Arrangements have been made to make 3.50 lakh incense sticks per day through a total of 10 machines.

  • Agarubattis are currently available at Tirumala’s laddoos counters, coconut counters, goshalas and Tiruchanur Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple.
  • It is also sold at the Sri Govindarajaswamy temple in Tirupati, guest houses Vishnu Nivasam and Srinivasa. Due to increasing demand for these, TTD signed an agreement with Dr. YSR Udyana University last year to manufacture products such as photos of Swami and Ammawars, calendars and key chains with dried flowers.

Price List of the TTD Tirumala Agarbatti 

  • Perfumed Agarbatti: Rs. 45 for 100 gms
  • Floral Agarbatti:  Rs. 85 for 65 gms

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  1. Abhayahasta Agarbatti 10 Packet
    Tandanana Agarbatti 10 Packet
    Divyapada Agarbatti 10 Packet
    Drishti Agarbatti 10 Packet
    srishti Agarbatti 10 Packet
    Tushti Agarbatti 10 Packet
    Drishti Agarbatti 10 Packet


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