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Nagula Chavithi 2022 Date Pooja Timings Telugu Panchangam Tithi

Know the details about the Nagula Chavithi 2022 Date Pooja Timings Telugu Panchangam Tithi, Nagula Chavithi 2022 Pooja Timings Snakes Pooja

Nagula Chavithi, On this particular day of the event, milk is thrown into the mounds located within the town as well as the mound located beyond the village that is known as the snake mound. In India, one of their long-standing traditions involves pouring milk into a snake mounds.

In the city proper, Nagula Chawiti does not see as much foot traffic as it does in the suburbs and in the countryside. Children and other members of the family participate in this occasion by bringing milk into a small glass and pouring it upon the mound. Stone idols of twin snakes, depicted as coiled serpents providing darshan under ravi and neem trees, are frequently found in the temples where we visit.

Nagula Chavithi 2022 Date Pooja Timings Telugu Panchangam Tithi

Nagula Chavithi 2022 Date is on 28 October 2022, Friday

Nagula Chavithi 2022  Timings is from 10.37 AM to 08.57 PM on 28 October 2022, Friday

  • On Chavithi, devotees worship serpents in the hope that the devotion will rid them of all diseases, as well as marital and pregnancy problems, and that they will become physically well as a result.
  • According to the Shastras, the removal of Kalatra Doshas can be accomplished by worshipping the cobra snake. This is because Subrahmanya Swami is the ruling god of both the Kuja Dosha and the Kalasarpa Dosha.
  • If someone wants to give the mound a hen’s egg as a gift, they should place it on top of the mound rather than in one of the holes in the mound. Take care not to impede the snake as it makes its way inside its den. It is recommended that rice flour that has been combined with sugar be sprinkled on top of the anthill.
  • This will ensure that the ants who build the anthill have plenty of food, the anthill will expand, and everything will develop with that holy fruit. In addition, the paramannam that is brought to the mound should be decked with flowers made of saffron and turmeric, and it should be delivered as an offering after being cooked with jaggery.

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