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Kolhapur Mahapuja Online Booking Price Mahalakshmi Temple

Know the latest details about the Kolhapur Mahapuja Online Booking Price Mahalakshmi Temple, Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Mahapuja Timings

Sandals are manufactured in large quantities in the city of Kolhapur, which is located in the state of Maharashtra in India. The food in this city is on par with the fare served in Amritsar and Kolkata. Because it is home to a number of historic palaces and temples that date back to the mediaeval period, the city of Kolhapur is a place that tourists should take into consideration travelling to while planning their vacations.

Immediately following your exploration of Kolhapur, make your way to the Mahalakshmi temple. A very long time ago, this Shaktipeeth was put together by its author. The Mahalakshmi temple was built during the reign of the kings of the Chalukya dynasty in the seventh century. It is said to be one of the six abodes that the goddesses known as the “Shakti” refer to as their home.

Kolhapur Mahapuja Online Booking Price Mahalakshmi Temple

  • The Maha Pooja is conducted daily in the Kolhapur temple. The Mahapuja is done for the Lord Mahalakshmi daily. The pilgrims who want to book for the Mahapuja in the temple can book online or offline
  • The pilgrims who want to book for the temple Mahapuja offline can book at the temple counter. The temple counter will always be open for the pilgrims to register.
  • The pilgrims can book the Mahapuja online at the temple’s official website. The Mahapuja price is Rs. 1150. The tickets are available for a daily quota.

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There are many other names for the Hindu deity Mahalakshmi. One of those names is Ambabai. This temple is widely regarded throughout all of India as being among the most significant attractions for religious tourists. Both the city’s main train station and bus terminal can be reached on foot from the temple and are situated within a distance of fewer than 5 kilometres. Within close proximity to the primary temple is another building that is devoted to the goddess Bhavani.



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