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Kolhapur Temple Alankar Pooja Timings Online Booking Price

Know the latest details about the Kolhapur Temple Alankar Pooja Timings Online Booking Price, Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple Alankar Pooja Seva

One of the Shakti Peethas is the Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, which can be found in Kolhapur, in the state of Maharashtra. The Puranas describe this holy site. It is a common belief in this temple that if a devotee comes here with honest intent and asks Maa Mahalakshmi to fulfil a vow, the devotee’s request will undoubtedly be granted. It is a widely held belief that Shri Mahalakshmi can be found here coexisting with Lord Vishnu. The construction of the temple began around the year 700 AD when the Chalukya Empire of Kannada was in full swing.

The Mahalakshmiji statue in the temple is made of black stone and has four hands. The platform on which the statue stands is made of black stone as well. The god or goddess is clenching priceless objects in each of her four hands. It is said that the crown that sits atop his head, which is adorned with various trinkets, weighs a total of forty kilogrammes. In addition, there is a representation of Lord Vishnu’s Sheshnag serpent on this crown. In addition to this, the Shri Yantra has been carved into the stone that makes up the temple’s wall.

Kolhapur Temple Alankar Pooja Timings Online Booking Price

  • The temple will be having the Alankar pooja for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can watch the Alankar means the decoration which is done for the main idol
  • The Alankar pooja of the Kolhapur temple will be done daily after the Abhishekam. The reporting timings of the Alankar pooja is at 5 AM in the morning.
  • The Kolhapur Temple Alankar Pooja timings are at morning 5 AM. The pilgrims can book for the Alankar Pooja online or can book for the pooja offline at the temple counter after arriving
  • Online booking for the Alankar pooja is suggested as sometimes offline booking will be having issues due to heavy crowds.

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