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Nara Drishti Symptoms Telugu Remedies Dishti Mantra Pooja

Know the details about the Nara Drishti Symptoms Telugu Remedies Dishti Mantra Pooja, Nara Dishti Remedy Pooja Required at Home Astrology

When people’s jealous eyes fall on us, when we are growing high, jealous eyes fall on our family by not being able to tolerate others with their evil minds and wishing evil. Even if we are giving financially, it becomes intolerance to some people or our enemies. Neighbours or our relatives also look at us and grow jealous, and their bad influence falls on us. This is called Nara Drishti or Nara Dishti

Spiritual experts say that if you want to get rid of this Nara Drishti, you can get rid of it by doing this.

Nara Drishti Symptoms Telugu Remedies Dishti Mantra Pooja

When we are living a high life, people’s focus is definitely on us. In that case, some people wash pumpkins at home so that the effect of that dishti does not fall on the family. Others believe that by putting a picture of Kannu dishti Ganesha near the door of the house, any kind of dishti will be removed.

Apart from this, by doing this small work, our family will not suffer any pain.

  • Once a month on Sunday or Thursday by feeding boiled potato to the cow before 1:00 PM, the Nara dishti is removed from our family. However, we should not eat meat in our house while doing this. By doing this once a month, our family will be freed from Nara dishti. Moreover, every new moon, full moon, etc. Breaking a pumpkin or cutting a lemon and putting it on both sides of the door will not have any bad effect on our family if we bring dishti to our house on the day.
  • If the eye of an unlucky person falls on us, there is a possibility that someone in the family will be affected by illness. As an antidote for this, sea water should be filtered in a clean cloth and cow urine should be added to it and stored in a bottle. The water thus preserved should be sprinkled in all the rooms of the house on the full moon day and on the padyami day.

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