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Original Telugu Ugadi Pachadi Recipe

How to make Original Telugu Ugadi Pachadi Recipe

Making Ugadi Pachadi is a very easy process and can be completed with simple steps. But many people, make different types of Ugadi Pachadi, based on their experience and their own recipes. Ugadi Pachadi is prepared in different ways in different regions without any common principle.
Now we will see, how to prepare exact Telugu Ugadi Pachadi as per the principles of Panchangam.
Ugadi Pachadi should resemble 6 tastes, which are sweet, sour, salt, pungent, spice and bitter. So Ugadi Pachadi should be prepared in a way it resembles all these.

Use the below ingredients one by one and mix them all without adding water, as mango will have water.


  • Grated Mangoes
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Little bit of Tamarind
  • Pinch of powdered Black pepper
  • One tablespoon of Neem flowers
  • Jaggery as needed

Process of Making Ugadi Pachadi:

Step 1: Peel and Grate Mangoes and add it to a bowl. Don’t cut mangoes into pieces. Only if you grate you will be able to get water out of it.
Step 2: Powder jaggery and add it to grated mango.
Step 3: Add Pinch of Powdered pepper. Don’t add green chillies or chili powder.
Step 4: Add little bit of Tamarind.
Step 5: Add a Pinch of Salt.
Step 6: Add a tablespoon of Neem Flowers. Please remember don’t add Neem leaves or Neem Buds, you have to add neem flowers only.

Once you add all the ingredients mix them with your hand or else with a spoon slowly and gently until the jaggery dissolves and the whole ingredients becomes as a type of gravy.

Once you complete mixing, Ugadi Pachadi is ready. Have Pooja and serve as it is.

Happy Ugadi!!




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