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Tirumala Special Entry Darshan Rs 300 Availability Chart

Know the latest details about Tirumala Special Entry Darshan Rs 300 Availability Chart Online Booking. If you are planning to visit Tirumala for a quick Darshan, then the Special Entry Darshan, which is also called Seegra Darshan (or Rs. 300 Darshan) is the best option. TTD has introduced this Darshan, to provide fast Darshan to the pilgrims, who comes to Tirumala without booking any sevas. The cost of ticket for Special Entry Darshan is Rs. 300 per person and each ticket will be getting two free laddus. Pilgrims who wants to visit Tirumala in Special entry Darshan can book online before 3 months to before 3 hours in Current booking. It is highly suggested to pilgrims to book the Special Entry Darshan before 3 months or else at least before one week if the quota is available.

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Tirumala Special Entry Darshan Rs 300 Availability Chart

To book online for special entry Darshan click here.
Please remember this darshan is available only if quota is available for that particular day. If you are unable to book this ticket online and if you want to book this ticket while you are in Tirumala then you can go for Current booking before 3 hours.

Special Entry Darshan Rs 300 Availability Char

The Special Entry Darshan is available from Morning 9 AM. Evening 5 PM. And this Special Entry Darshan is divided into 9 slots which occurs between 9 AM to 5 PM. Evening, based on Temple timetable availability. You can check the availability chart from the below link.

Availability Chart of 300 rupees Darshan

To check availability chart of 300 rupees Darshan, Click here.
The availability chart for this darshan is updated regularly based on online bookings. Before you book for any date please check availability chart.

Extra Laddu for Special Entry Darshan

Each pilgrim who books ticket will be getting 2 extra laddu on each ticket for Rs. 25 for each laddu. So if you book one ticket you will be getting 2 Laddus, which comes with the ticket and you can select two more extra laddu online for Rs. 25 for each laddu. Similarly if you book 2 tickets you will be getting 4 laddus with the ticket and you can select for extra laddu as well for the above price.

Reporting point of Special Entry Darshan

For Special Entry Darshan, Pilgrims have to report at ATC car parking which is near Vaikuntam 1 Que Complex. You must take your ID card Xerox copies which you have submitted during the booking of Rs. 300 Darshan.

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For Google Map location of reporting Special Entry Darshan, click here

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