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Palani Murugan Temple Donation Schemes Benefits Online

Know the latest details about the Palani Murugan Temple Donation Schemes Benefits Online, Palani Temple Donation Online Annadanam pilgrims benefits

Palani Murugan Temple is one of the most famous temples in the state of Tamilnadu. The temple is part of one of the house temples of Lord Murugan. There are 6 houses of the temple for Lord Murugan in the state. Palani temple is one among them. For most of the pilgrims in the state of Tamilnadu the Palani temple is the family god. So any function or else any important decision in the family, the pilgrims will be coming to the temple for the Darshan of the Lord Murugan,
The temple has many patrons for donations. Every year pilgrims will be providing lakhs of rupees for the donation purpose in the temple.

The temple mostly accepts donations for the annadanam program which is happening in the temple almost daily. The temple also provides many benefits for the pilgrims who do the donation to the temple. The pilgrims can provide the donation online in the amount of Rs 500.

Palani Murugan Temple Donation Schemes Benefits Online

There are various types of Donations in the Palani temple that the pilgrims can take part in. Below are the types of Donations available in the Palani and also the amount for the same. Based on the amount of the donation, the temple will be providing various benefits for the pilgrims from the temple.

Sundal Kattalai: Rs. 500
Archanai Kattalai: Rs. 1000
Panjamirtha Kattalai: Rs. 1500
Thanga Mayil Vagana Kkattalai: Rs. 10000
Vila Pooja Kattalai: Rs. 5000
Sirukalasanthi kattalai: Rs. 5000
Kalasanthi kattalai: Rs. 5000
Uchikala Kattalai: Rs. 5000
Sayarakshai Kattalai: Rs. 5000
Rakkalam Kattalai: Rs. 5000
Golden Chariot Purappadu Kattalai on Normal Days: Rs. 20000
Golden Chariot During Karthigai Days: Rs. 20000
Laddu Purappadu Kattalai: Rs. 50000
Uchikala Prasadha Kattalai: Rs.10000
Arulmigu Shanmugarukku Shanmugarchanai Kattalai: Rs. 7500
Uchikala Annathana Kattalai: Rs. 25000

The pilgrims can provide donations to the Palani temple both online and offline. For online donations, the pilgrims can get the details below. The pilgrims can provide offline donations at the temple counter.

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