Palani Temple Golden Chariot Online Booking Price Thanga Ther

Know the details about the Palani Temple Golden Chariot Online Booking Price Thanga Ther, Palani Temple Golden Ratham Ticket Cost Timings Daily

Palani temple is one of the most important temples for the devotees of Lord Murugan. Every year lakhs of pilgrims will be coming to the Palani Temple. The pilgrims come to the temple with many offerings. For many people, the Palani god is the family god. This is the reason, the pilgrims will be coming to the temple for the offerings of the family. The temple is the abode of Lord Murugan. This temple is one of the important temples in the 6 House Lord Murugan temples. Every year, there are many festivals which will be conducted in the temple. The temple is located on a hill lock in Palani.

The temple conducts many seva for the pilgrims. One of the most famous seva for the pilgrims is the Golden Chariot which is also called the Thanga Ther or the Swarna Ratham. This chariot is available in the temple of Palani.

Palani Temple Golden Chariot Online Booking Price Thanga Ther

Palani Temple Golden Chariot Timings: 07.00 PM every day

Palani Temple Golden Chariot Ticket Cost: Rs. 2000 for two people

  • There is a golden chariot available in the Palani temple. The Murugan idol is kept on the chariot daily and will be taken as a procession around the temple. This is called as the Golden Chariot Procession in the Palani temple
  • The pilgrims can pull the ropes of the Chariot by booking the tickets online or offline. Right now, the temple has not enabled online booking for the GOlden Chariot. So the pilgrims can book for the Golden Chariot Offline
  • The pilgrims have to come to the temple before the daily timings of the Golden Chariot. Then the pilgrims can purchase the tickets from the counter with above prices
  • After the purchase of the tickets, the pilgrims will be allowed to pull the Godlen chariot aournd the temple.

Click Here to Book for the Thanga Ther Online in the Palani Temple

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