Panguni Masam 2023 Start Date End Muhurtham Tamil Calendar

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Panguni Masam is the last month as per the Tamil Calender. The Tamil calendar like the English year will be having 12 months. All the Tamil people around the world will be following the Tamil Calendar. The Tamil New year starts in the month of April on the Varsha porappu date. The year will end again in the next year on the same day. The Panguni Masam is one of the months for the Tamil year. It is the last year and generally falls in the months of March and April,

The Tamil people around the globe will be following the Panguni Masam and also the Tamil calendar. The Tamil calendar will be having 30 days as per the normal rules. Each day will be having a different effect. There will be some good days and bad days. The good days are called the Muhurtham dates. These dates are good for doing good deeds and functions

Panguni Masam 2023 Start Date End Muhurtham Tamil Calendar

  • The Panguni Masam for the year 2023 starts on 15 March 2023
  • The Panguni Masam for the year 2023 ends on 14 April 2023

The Muhurtham days are the ideal days for functions and also for marriage in these days. For marriages, the people have to consult an astrologer. The dates which are muhurtham dates are not ideal for all types of functions. Marriage dates should be decided based on the horoscope of the bride and groom. Hence the dates will not be decided just based on the Muhurtham tithi

  • The Panguni Masam is geneally good for the marriages. There are a lot of people who will be doing the marriages this month
  • The people has to consult an astrologer before going ahead with the Panguni Masam marriages in the muhurtham dates

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