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Tirumala Darshan Booking Late / Early Reporting Time Booked Slot

Know the latest news about the Tirumala Darshan Booking Late / Early Reporting Time Booked Slot, Tirumala temple Darshan late entry details

The Tirumala is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every day. The pilgrims who come to Tirumala will be booking the tickets online. Sometimes all the pilgrims will not be able to report to the Darshan on time. Some pilgrims may come early and some pilgrims may come late. In this case, some pilgrims are facing experiences like allowing for the Darshan. The Tirumala temple has some guidelines for the pilgrims to come for Darshan. The pilgrims have to follow the Darshan guidelines at any cost. But the pilgrims will be taking advantage of the situation and then complaining about the TTD.

The Guidelines of the Tirumala Darsha and late reporting time for many types of Darshan are as detailed below. The pilgrims have to make sure, they follow the guidelines at any cost.

Tirumala Darshan Booking Late / Early Reporting Time Booked Slot

  • For the Sevas which the pilgrims will book, there will be a Darshan. This seva which is booked by the pilgrims for offline seva will be allowed through Supadam. As soon as the pilgrims finish the Seva, they have to go for Darshan. A Grace time of late time of 30 minutes only is allowed. If the pilgrims come after that, the Darshan will be denoted
  • For the Infant Entry Darshan / NRI Darshan / Senior Citizen Darshan, the pilgrims have to report in the time slot exactly provided and at least 30 minutes before that. If the pilgrims comes after the slot is closed they will not allowed for the Darshan
  • The Special Darshan or the Rs. 300 Darshan has 1 hour of late entry or early entry grace time. The pilgrims will not be allowed for the Darshan if the pilgrims come late beyond this timing at any cost
  • The pilgrims who come for Free Darshan have to make sure they come for the Darshan on the slot provided. If they come late, the compartment of waiting will late and will be allowed late

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  1. hello,
    we booked 300 rs darshan on july 28th 6pm but we would like to come early on that day 2-3 pm or so.
    We are 4 people comming from USA and 4 adults from India.
    pls help us on this reuwst to allow darshan around 2 -3 pm on July 28th.



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