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Phalguna Masam 2022 Telugu Calendar Dates

Phalguna Masam 2022 Telugu Calendar Dates as below provides the details about the month in the Telugu region. Phalguna Masam is the one of the most important month in the telugu year. The Phalguna Masam dates will be same in the Telangana region and also Andhra Pradesh region. Most of the Telugu speaking people who will be following the Telugu panchangam will be following the Phalguna Masam.

Phalguna Masam 2022 Telugu Calendar Dates

For the year 2022 Phalguna Masam will start on March 3, 2022 and ends on April 1, 2022. Phalguna Pournami is on March 18, 2022. Phalguna Amavasya is on April 1, 2022

Phalguna Masam is neither a bad month or a good month. It can be considered as a neutral month. There are very less number of important festivals in the Phalguna Masam. The only two festivals in the Phalguna Masam is the Maha Sivarathri which is on March 1 and the Holi festival which is on 18 March. Apart from these two festivals there are no major festivals in the Phalguna Masam.

Most of the temple will be free in this month and there will be less number of pilgrims for the temple visits. Also, the Marriages usually can happen this month based on the Astrology. But the Muhurthams will be very less for the marriages and also for the other good works in this month. So people generally postpone the marriages to later month in June or July.

This month also officially marks the end of the telugu year as this is the last month of the Telugu calender. Also, Phalguna Masam ending marks the end of winter season and officially the Summer will be starting after this month. The Maha Sivarathri day will be marking the end of the Winter season and start of the summer season.

Worshipping the Lord Surya Narayana will do a lot good in this month. Every Sunday it is good to do the Surya Stotra Parayana

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