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Online Seva Virtual Participation Tirumala Darshan Tickets

Know the details about the Online Seva Virtual Participation Tirumala Darshan Tickets, Online Seva Virtual Participation Tirumala as below provides the details of seva in the TTD. After the COVID as many pilgrims was not able to attend the seva of the Lord in Tirumala in person, the TTD has taken many initiatives. Out of that initiatives, the online virtual seva is one of the best initiatives. Through this online seva the pilgrims can participate in the seva that is conducted in Tirumala from their home itself. Later on the TTD will be providing the in-person Darshan for the pilgrims in Tirumala. So only the seva is virtual and the Darshan will be in person for the pilgrims.

Online Seva Virtual Participation Tirumala Darshan Tickets

  • To participate in the online virtual seva the pilgrims first has to visit the TTD website or the Mobile app
  • Once pilgrims login to your account on the TTD website, you can see the Virtual seva button for booking
  • If the quota is released for the date of requirement then the pilgrims can book for the virtual seva.
  • As of now Arjitha Brahmotsavam, Kalyanotsavam and the Ujal seva are available virtually.
  • Once the pilgrims books for the Virtual seva for the required date, they can finish the payment
  • For each pilgrim who has booked for the Virtual Seva, the Special Darshan (Rs. 300 Darshan) will be provided.
  • Pilgrims has to choose for the Special Darshan date in the next step. With this the registration process will be complete

On the day of the Virtual seva, the pilgrims can watch in the TV from the SVBC Channel in the timings of the seva. The name of the pilgrims including the Gothra will be kept near the Lord and the Seva will be performed in Tirumala temple. After this the pilgrims can visit the Tirumala temple and can finish the Darshan along with getting the Prasadam for the Seva.

Click Here to Book for the Online Virtual Seva in Tirumala

Click Here to Know about the Tirumala TTD Virtual Seva Online Booking ProcessĀ 




  1. Booked Virtual seva for 28-Oct-23, unable to find special entry darshan slot for entire november only one ticket is available in any slot.


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