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TTD Free Darshan Online Booking Availability 2022

TTD Free Darshan Online Booking Availability 2022 for the Tirumala darshan is as below. Tirumala temple is the most visited temple in the country. That too during the months of peak season the crowd will be heavy and pilgrims will be doing advance registration to have Darshan in Tirumala. But there are three major types of Darshan for the Darshan in Tirumala. They are Free Darsahn which is also called as Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan which is also called as the Walk Path Darshan, Special Darshan which is also called a Rs. 300 Darshan.

These Darshan types are available for all the pilgrims to have Darshan. But after COVID TTD has stopped the Divya Darshan as of now. TTD is expected to resume the Darshan very soon for the pilgrims who will be walking to Tirumala. The Darshan types which is available now is the Free Darshan or Sarva Darshan and Rs. 300 Darshan or the Special Darshan.

Pilgrims can book for the Rs. 300 SPecial Darshan online from the TTD official website. For the Free Darsahn tickets the TTD use to provide the Free Darshan ticket online an that too in limited number.

TTD Free Darshan Online Booking Availability 2022

The TTD Free Darshan can be booked only through online or offline mode. Previously the TTD authorities has made the Online tickets available for the Free Darshan. When the tickets are available they are booked online when the respective quota is released.

  • Now TTD will be making the offline tickets available. For now, it has been decided that 10000 tickets will be available for the pilgrims who comes to Tirupati without any online booking.
  • The tickets will be available every day and pilgrims can book the tickets offline at the counters in Tirupati. Once the piglrims reaches the Tirupati they can book the darshan offline at the provided counter based on their availability. The tickets are first come first serve basis.

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