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Pradosham 2022 Dates List Tamil Calendar Timings Pooja Vrat

Know the latest news about the Pradosham 2022 Dates List Tamil Calendar Timings Pooja Vrat, Pradosh Kaal 2022 Dates, Timings List Temples

The word pradosha means dusk. They fast on the 13th day of Chandrapaksha on Pradoshavratam while meditating on Lord Shiva. Devotees believe that if you meditate on Lord Shiva at dusk on this day, you will get success, health and a good life partner.

As the name suggests, Pradoshavrata Puja is celebrated in the evening. Devotees should fast all day. Bathe in the evening and wear white clothes. Then, worship the deity. The first couple, Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Skanda and Nandi should be worshipped. Devotional songs and prayers should be worshipped throughout the night. Puja should be done with Bilva Patra, Ganga water, Akshatas and Dhupadim.

Pradosham 2022 Dates List Tamil Calendar Timings Pooja Vrat

Pradosha Vrat 2022 September Date and Tithi Time

  • Date Sep 08, 2022, Thursday
  • Date Sep 23, 2022, Friday

Pradosha Vrat 2022 October Date and Tithi Time

  • Date Oct 07, 2022, Friday
  • Date Oct 23, 2022, Sunday

Pradosha Vrat 2022 November Date and Tithi Time

  • Date Nov 06, 2022, Sunday
  • Date Nov 22, 2022, Tuesday

Pradosha Vrat 2022 December Date and Tithi Time

  • Date Dec 05, 2022, Monday
  • Date Dec 21, 2022, Wednesday

Pradosha Vrata is described in Skanda Purana. By practicing Pradoshavrata one can get good results. Pradosha vratam gives results depending on the day of practice. If it is planted on Sunday, it gives good health.

  • Fulfils wishes on Monday. Cures diseases on Tuesday. If Pradosha Vrata is performed on Wednesday, the wishes will be fulfilled. If this vrata is performed on Thursday, there will be no enemies. Practising on Friday brings good luck. If performed on Saturday, a son will be born.
  • Pradosha season is very sacred. It comes twice a month. 2 hours and 24 minutes after sunset on Trayodashi, which falls in Shukla and Krishna Pakshas, ​​is said to be Pradoshakalam.
  • Some say that three hours (hour and twelve minutes) after sunset are Pradosha times. Pradoshakalam means the beginning of the night. It is considered a time of atonement. It is believed that Lord Parameshwara takes the form of Ardhanarishwar during the Pradosha period. Elders say that it is better to recite stotras or bhajans related to Ishtadaiva at this time.
  • Puranas say that anointing the Shivalinga with cow’s milk during Pradosha gives long life, anointing it with ghee brings salvation, and anoints it with sandalwood to attain Lakshmi Taksha.

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