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Private Accommodation In Tirumala Online Booking Near Temple

Know the latest details about the Private Accommodation In Tirumala Online Booking Near Temple, Private Hotels in Tirumala Room Booking

Lakhs of pilgrims visit Tirumala for the Lord Venkateswara Darshan daily. For the benefit of the pilgrims, the TTD has constructed lot of Guest houses and rest houses in Tirumala. All these rest houses in Tirumala can provide accommodation for lakhs of pilgrims per day. When the quota is released, pilgrims can book for the temple accommodation through the temple’s online accommodation booking website. The TTD will be releasing the rooms quota every three months and the pilgrims can book the rooms within two months itself

Private Accommodation In Tirumala Online Booking Near Temple

  • The pilgrims sometimes will not be able to book the accommodation in time when the quota is released. In this case, the pilgrims will be trying to find the private rooms in Tirumala
  • All the rooms and rest houses in Tirumala is run by the TTD and owned by the TTD. The guest houses are built by the donations from the pilgrims and hence only the TTD owns the buildings
  • There are no private properties in Tirumala. Hence the pilgrims cannot book any private accommodation in Tirumala. The pilgrims cannot book any accommodation apart from the TTD website
  • However, there are some rest houses built by other government authorities which pilgrims can book if they fall into those categories
  • There are also many mutts in Tirumala which provide accommodation for the pilgrims who fall from their sects. Some of the rooms in this mutts can be booked online
  • For most of the mutts, the pilgrims have to go to the mutts directly and have to book the rooms or else they need to book in advance by calling

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Private Hotels In Tirumala Online Booking

  • There are no private hotels available in Tirumala. The pilgrims have to book the private hotels in Tirupati only. There are only hotels which provide food in Tirumala not rooms

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