Purattasi 2021 Muhurtham Start Dates

Purattasi 2021 Start Date

Purattasi 2021 Muhurtham Start Dates for this month which is auspicious month for Lord Sri Venkateswara starts from 17 September 2021, Friday and ends on 17 October 2021. Please note this Purattasi month is very auspicious in Tamilnadu and many people dont even Non Vegetarian during this Purattasi month

Purattasi 2021 Muhurtham Start Dates

Below are the Purattasi 2021 Muhurtham Dates. For many occasions like marriage and other good festivals Purattasi month is best and below muhurtham dates suits best for almost all the occasions. But people need to make sure to contact priest for the confirmation of the muhurtham dates based on their convenience and as well their need.

  • September 01 2021 Wednesday
  • September 03 2021 Friday
  • September 08 2021 Wednesday
  • September 09 2021 Thursday
  • September 10 2021 Friday
  • October 24 2021 Sunday
  • October 24 2021 Sunday
  • October 27 2021  Wednesday

Please note that the above dates are decided based on the Tamil Calendar and hence might differ for to people who are following other calendar and dates.

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