Vinayaka Chavithi Ganapathi Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF 2021

Vinayaka Chavithi Ganapathi Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF 2021 is available now to celebrate the Vinayaka Chavithi. Download the Pooja Vidhanam and follow the instructions accordingly for the instruction provided in the document for the Vinayaka Chavithi Ganapathi Pooja.

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Vinayaka Chavithi 2021 Dates

This year 2021 Vinayaka Chavithi festival falls on 10 September 2021, Friday. Vinayaka Chavithi is considered as an very important Vinayaka Chavithi for Lord Ganesha. Vinayaka Chavithi festival is most celebrated in the South Indian states and well celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.

Vinayaka Chavithi Ganapathi Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF 2021

Vinayaka Chavithi festival has to be celebrated using an Lord Ganesha idol and followed by a Vratham. On this auspicious day devotess grt ready and buy an Ganesha mud idol and will decorate it. After cooking lot of items for the Lord Ganesha devotees offer the prasadam to the Lod and will follow the Vinayaka Chavithi Pooja Vidhanam. This Vinayaka Chavithi pooja Vidhanam is also called as Vinayaka Chavithi Vratham

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Once the Vinayaka Chavithi vratham gets completed pilgrims will dissolve the mud idol in water which is also known as Vinayaka Nimajjanam. This Vinayaka Nimajjanam can be done either on the same day or can be done on third day, 5th day or 9th day after the Vinayaka Chavithi. Most of the people celebrate this Vinayaka Chavithi for 9 days and the do the Nimajjanam on the last day which is 9th day. But devotess has to cook prasadam on all these nine days and should be very careful by doing pooja daily to the Lord Ganesha.

Also while performing Pooja devotees has to follow the instructions carefully and should make sure the vratham is completed successfully.

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