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Telangana Bathukamma Festival All Songs List Lyrics Telugu Online

Know the details about the Telangana Bathukamma Festival All Songs List Lyrics Telugu Online, Bathukamma Festival Songs List Patalu Lyrics

Bathukamma is a festival symbolizing natural beauty. Tangedu, Gunugu, Katla and Rudraksha are the most important flowers in this. These are small flowers which have good floatability in water. It is not just a flower festival, it is a festival of games, a festival of songs, a festival of kolatas. Above all, it is a festival for girls. Santam is a festival in which girls who spend time with their in-laws are brought back to their mothers. It is a festival where the whole village can meet at one place. A festival like no other in the world.

Telangana Bathukamma Festival All Songs List Lyrics Telugu Online

  • The full moon after Vinayaka Nimajjanantaram i.e. Ananta Chaturdashi is called Boddemmala Purnami. Some start playing Boddemma with the full moon, while others play it from Panchami.
  • Children’s festival means unmarried children. Some make the boddemma in square strips on a pita with puttamannu while others make it with penda.
  • There are five types of Boddemma celebrations according to region. Every day this boddem is sprinkled with erramnu and decorated with flowers. Every day the children who come there bring any grain and pour it into the urn.
  • The most sung songs for the Bathukamma is chinni maa bathukamma song, mangli bathukamma songs, iddaru akka chellelu bathukamma song
  • Bathukamma festival is a symbol of Telangana culture and traditions. It is a celebration celebrated by all Telangana women. Bathukamma festival is a festival that commemorates bonds and connections, worships nature and showcases Telangana’s cultural heritage to the world.
  • It is a festival of flowers, a festival of worshipping nature. Bathukamma festival is a flower festival unique to Telangana where Goddess Gauri is worshipped with great devotion for nine days.

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