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Saddula Bathukamma 2022 Date Telangana Pooja Procedure

Know the details about the Saddula Bathukamma 2022 Date Telangana Pooja Procedure, Saddula Bathukamma Pooja Timings Last Day Festival

Bathukamma is a self-respecting festival of Telangana people. Bathukamma is celebrated for 9 days in September and October every year. This year Bathukamma celebrations will start from September 25 (Sunday) across Telangana. Bathukamma Aswayuja month is celebrated for nine days from Shuddha Padyami. In this sequence, all women worship Bathukamma (Gauri) with devotion. This festival showcases the cultural traditions of Telangana. Besides, Goddess Gauri is called by a name every day. Bathukamma festival is also known as Saddula festival.

Saddula Bathukamma 2022 Date Telangana Pooja Procedure

The date of Saddula Bathukamma is on October 03 2022 (Chaddula Bathukamma)

  • Since the formation of Telangana as a separate state, the government has been organizing this festival every year. But many people celebrate this festival two days before Dussehra. But in some area,s it is celebrated after Dussehra. Especially in Karimnagar, Jagityala and Adilabad districts, people say that it is a tradition to celebrate this Saddula Bathukamma after celebrating Dussehra.
  • As part of the festival, each region worships Goddess Gauri. Besides, they also put offerings in different ways from one region to another. It is a big festival for the people of Telangana. Currently, this festival is celebrated by people from all parts of Telangana.
  • The ancestors used to celebrate this festival for about 15 days. As a part of the festival, all the women go around the Bathukamma in a frenzy and play cards. This festival fills every family with happiness. All the people of Telangana believe that flowers arranged in all colour combinations are bathukamma. Bathukamma is known by nine names in nine days.
  • The last day of the festival is the Saddula Bathukamma which is the most important day. With this, the Bathukamma festival will be concluded in the state of Telangana

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