Purattasi Saturday Pooja Sani Vratham Procedure Tamil All Days

Know the details about the Purattasi Saturday Pooja Sani Vratham Procedure Tamil All Days, Purattasi Month Pooja Lord Venkateswara

It is a good rule of thumb that elders should not eat non-vegetarian food during the month of Puratasi. Along with following it, fasting every Saturday in the month of Puratasi and worshipping Perumal and knowing what can be done on the fasting day and following it will refine our life.

Month for Lord Mercury: In Puratasi, the 6th month of the Tamil year, the Sun enters Virgo. Mercury is the lord of Virgo.  Mercury is seen as an aspect of Vishnu. Since Mercury, the lover of vegetarianism, rules the month of Puratasi, it is best for us to eat vegetarian food.

Purattasi Saturday Pooja Sani Vratham Procedure Tamil All Days

Benefits of Saturday Fasting:

  • If devotees fasted on Saturday, the vehemence caused by Lord Saturn will be reduced and the troubles will be removed.
  • It is believed that the benefits we get when we fast and visit Perumal on Saturdays every week, we get if we fast and worship Perumal on Puratasi Saturdays.
  • Scientifically, it is explained that one can escape from health problems by not eating non-vegetarian food during the month of Puratasi.
  • Saturday Fasting: Be it a fast or charity, doing it to the best of our ability is beneficial. There is no need to spend this amount of material, to do this on a grand scale. If we do our best, we will get God’s grace.

Purattasi Saturday Pooja Sani Vratham Procedure

  • Wake up between 4-6 AM called Brahma Muhurtham.
  • Please clean the house.
  • In the morning, wash your head without oil.
  • Apply the auspicious namam of Perumal on your forehead.
  • Place a beautiful kolam at home. Do Mavila posture.
  • If the lamp is lit on Fridays, remove the oil and wick from the lamp, pour fresh oil, put the wick and light the lamp.

Light a lamp in the morning and offer some offering to the Lord. If you want to offer a simple sweet to the Lord, you can mix fried peanuts and sugar and offer it to Swami.

  • After that, clean the anvil in your house well, dry it and apply three naams to it. Put some rice and a couple of coins in it.
  • Keep it and pray to Perumal. Then take that anvil and go to at least four nearby houses and shout “Govinda, Govinda” and get rice and and any other offering
  • Then come home and cook with that rice. Add dal, and two vegetables and make sambar and fries.
  • And if you can, at the same time you will eat sweets at home, you can make additional sugar pongal, vada, payasam.

Pooja Procedure:

  • Place the cooked food in a banana leaf.
  • In the afternoon, offer worship to Perumal, Deeparathana and incense offerings.
  • Take a little of all the food we have cooked and put it on a leaf and put it to the crow.
  • In the evening visit any nearby Perumal temple and worship. With this the Pooja for the Purattasi Saturday will be completed

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