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Purohit Sangam Tirumala Ear Piercing Guide

Tirumala Ear Piercing and Ear Boring

For kids if you are planning to do Ear piercing in Tirumala, then its the most auspicious decision. Many people visit Tirumala daily to do the Ear piercing for their children as it is considered most auspicious. Pilgrims can do the ear piercing for the kids at the Tirumala with the help of staff who has been organized by TTD itself.

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Procedure to get Ear Piercing at Purohit Sangam

The purohit sangam is the place where TTD has arranged many purohits to make sure pilgrims get the services with quality and also at the same place. If you want to do ear piercing for your kid, you can visit the Purohit Sangam directly and can buy a token to do the procedure. The ear piercing should be done before the darshan of Lord and at the Ananda Nilayam. Once you decide an auspicious date, you can visit the Purohit Sangam in Tirumala and can perform the ear piercing.  The ear piecing can also be performed at the Guesthouses like Rambageecha and Padmavathi Guesthouse

Ear Piercing at Purohit Sangam Cost

The cost of Ear piecing at Purohit Sangam is Rs. 50 and the cost of Ear piercing at the cottages in Tirumala is Rs. 100. You can do the ear piecing wherever possible.

Ear Piercing at Purohit Sangam Timings

The timings for the Ear Piercing at Purohit Sangam is from 6 AM to 6 PM daily. There will be que for the ear piercing and based on the token numbers the pilgrims will be provided with the service.

Gunshot Ear Piercing Tirumala

At present Gun shot ear piercing is not available anywhere in Tirumala and hence only traditional way of ear piercing only is available.

Purohit Sangam Tirumala Address

The purohit sangam is located near the Varahaswamy Guest house in the Papnasanam Road and just opposite to Srinivasa Udhyanavanam and beside the Nandakam Cottage.

For Google Map Location of the Purohit Sangam in Tirumala Click Here




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