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Pushya Masam 2021 – 2022 Start Date Telugu Calendar

Pushya Masam 2021 – 2022 Start Date Telugu Calendar as below provides the details about the month. As per the telugu calender the dates of the Pushya Masam or Paushya Masam or Pausya Masam month is calculated as below. The Calender says 2021 – 2022 but as per the Telugu Calender the Masam starts in 2022 only. The start dates and end dates of the Pushya masam is as below.

The Pushya masam is considered as inappropriate month for marraiges and good deeds. That is the reason, the dates in this masam is also not set of marraiges. Some people call this month as Panduga Month, means month of the festivals. This is due to the festivals which is happening in this month.

The major festial like Sankranthi and other festivals occurs in this month only. That is the reason this month is called the Festival month. Most people dont do any important functions or works in this month and postpone it to the next upcoming months. This month is considered as the inauspicious month

Pushya Masam 2021 – 2022 Start Date Telugu Calendar

  • The Pushyam Masam Start Date is on 03 January 2022
  • The Pushyam Masam End Date is on 01 February 2022

The Pushya masam starts from the above dates and end date is as above. Please note, the Pushya Masam is calculated as per the Telugu calender and Telugu Panchagam only. People who are looking for the details can check the relevant panchagam. Pushya Masam is the month which sees the Pushya amavasya and Pushya Pournami. The month is not set for auspicious functions so that will be reason for less number of dates in this month.

  • Pushya Pournami Date 2022: 17 January 2022
  • Pushya Amavasya Date 2022: 01 February 2022

The Pournami is the first pournami for the year of 2022 and is considered as the Pushya Pournami. However, the month of November dont see the amavasya dates. The amavasya date for this month is on 01 February 2022 as per the Telugu calender.



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