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Ugadi Panchangam 2022 to 2023 Telugu

Ugadi Panchangam 2022 to 2023 Telugu as below provides the Panchangam for the year Subhakritu. The Telugu year of 2022-2023 has been names as Subhakritu as per the traditons. As per this year panchangam, it will be a good year compared to the years for last 5 years. The Panchangam also specifies the same. From the Society to the Person, the year will be good and will reaping very good benfits. 2022 Ugadi marks the start of this year and also marks the effectiveness of the Panchangam.

As per the Panchangam, the people who are doing business will be having very good time with out debts. If you are doing business with any debts then this is not a good year. Also, people who has savings will be able to double up the savings in this year. The crops and sustenance will be very good as per the Ugadi Panchangam.

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Ugadi Panchangam 2022 to 2023 Telugu

You can buy the below Panchams which ever is you are following. The Panchagams are also available in PDF to download. You can download the Panchangam from the respective websites of the Panchangam authors.

Click to Buy TTD Relangi Tangirala vari Gantala Panchangam 2022-2023

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PDF of the 2022-2023 Ugadi panchangam are available in the official websites of the respective authors. TTD Panchagam will be available on the TTD website before some days of Ugadi. But users can buy the TTD Panchangam from the TTD website once the new year starts. It is highly suggested to follow one panchangam rather than following all. The predictions and also the effects will be same in almost all the Panchangam.

But the timings and muhurtham might be different for different panchangams. Effectiveness will be same for all. If you want a hardcopy of the Panchangam buy the same from the above links.




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