Putra Dosha Calculator In Horoscope Free Effects Reason Remedy

Know the latest details about the Putra Dosha Calculator In Horoscope Free Effects Reason Remedy, Astrology Putra Dosha Reason Symptoms Checking

There are many types of Dosha for the people. The Dosha is the problematic placement of the Planets in one’s life and astrology. The Dosha will cause some problems in the person’s life. This Dosha in one’s life is decided by the horoscope and also the astrology of the persona. Different types of Dosha will be calculated by different planet positions and also because of the star positions in the horoscope. The person who has the Dosha will be getting affected by the issues regarding the Dosha and also the planets. Some dosha in the horoscope will be caused by another person in the family. Other person’s dosha also will affect the person’s dosha placement.

Putra Dosha Calculator In Horoscope Free Effects Reason Remedy

Putra Dosha is one such dosha which is calculated and also caused by the Dosha of the son or the daughter. Due to the Dosha in the Son horoscope, the dosha will be caused to the father or the mother. This Putra Dosha will affect the person’s life with all the other family members. However, the Putra Dosha is caused within limited age only. After 9 months of the birth, the Putra Dosha will automatically be removed.

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  • The pilgrims who are affected by the Putra Dosha can do the aprihara pooja if required or else there is no pooja required for the removal of the Putra Dosha.
  • The astrologer will be able to help the pilgrims regarding the help of the Putra Dosha. The Putra Dosha can be found out by the astrology and the horoscope of the son to the father.
  • However, only sons will be causing the Putra Dosha and not the daughters. The daughters will remove the Putra Dosha if it’s existing in the person’s horoscope.

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