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Rudrabhishekam Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Procedure PDF

Know the latest details about the Rudrabhishekam Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Procedure PDF, Lord Shiva Pooja Vidhanam Online Procedure at Home

Rudrabhishekam is one of the most powerful poojas which is performed for Lord Shiva. Rudrabhishekam is much more powerful for the devotees who want to get rid of the bad and negative things in their life. In General, performing the Rudrabhishekam for the devotees is good without any occasion. Rudrabhishekam can be performed on any day and at any time. The devotees have to perform the Rudrabhishekam for Lord Shiva with much care and devotion

As this pooja gives amazing benefits to the pilgrims who perform the Rudrabhishekam, the devotees have to be very careful in performing the Rudrabhishekam. The Rudrabhishekam Pooja Vidhanam PDF is as below. We have briefed in simple how to perform the Rudrabhishekam the devotees

Rudrabhishekam Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Procedure PDF

  • Rudrabhishekam has to be performed in any temple only where Lord Shiva is the main deity. It is not like the Rudrabhishekam should be performed in the most famous temples only. Rudrabhishekam can be performed at any temple and Lord Shiva will yield to more devotion and Bhakti only
  • There is some temple which allows the pilgrims themselves to touch the idol and perform the Abhishekam. This should be avoided at any cost. Touching the Linga should be done by only the priest who has to the vows. Normal devotees are not allowed to touch the linga at any cost
  • The devotees who want to perform the Rudrabhishekam have to first participate in the Abhishekam. Then Abhishekam will be done with Milk, Curd, Honey and many more items which the devotees are capable of supplying
  • Then the Lings will be cleaned properly and will be dressed. Then the actual part of the Rudrabhishekam will be done.
  • The Rudrabhishekam should be done by chanting the “Namakam Chamakam” and “Rudaram” which is the most powerful chanting of Lord Shiva
  • Once this is done the Rudrabhishekam is said to be completed

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