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Tirumala Upanayanam Online Booking Procedure TTD Cost Timings

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Upanayanam Online Booking Procedure TTD Cost Timings, TTD Purohit Sangam Upanayanam Online

Upanayanam is one of the most performed functions in Tirumala. Many pilgrims visiting the Tirumala temple will need to perform many functions in Tirumala. The functions such as Upanayanam are performed under the TTD by the pilgrims. The Upanayanam in Tirumala can be performed privately in a Guest House or else the pilgrims do the Upanayanam in the TTD authority under the Purohit Sangam. if the pilgrims want to perform the Upanayanam in the Guest house then they have to make their arrangements themselves. Purohits are not available for booking for private functions in Tirumala

So the pilgrims have to book the Purohit from Tirupati or else any other place and then ask them to travel to Tirumala. This is the reason the pilgrims can use the facilities provided by the TTD. The best way to perform an Upanayanam in Tirumala is to do it under the TTD Purohit Sangam.

Tirumala Upanayanam Online Booking Procedure TTD Cost Timings

  • If the pilgrims book for the Upanayanam in Tirumala in Purohit Sangam then all the required materials will be provided by TTD. Also, the Purohit from the Purohit Sangam will be doing the Upanayanam for the pilgrims in Tirumala
  • The pilgrims need to reach Tirumala before the day of the Upanayanam. Then they can reach the Purohit Sangam in Tirumala. The pilgrims need to book the ticket before the day itself
  • Mostly the slots and purohits will be available. There is no option to book for the Upanayanam before itself online. For now, the booking is offline only
  • The pilgrims need to book the ticket before the day. Once the booking is confirmed, the TTD will be providing the Purohit and also the venue for the Upanayanam
  • The Purohit will provide the list of items required for the Upanayanam. The pilgrims can arrange the same. But its highly suggested for the pilgrims to make arrangements before itself
  • The minimum items required will be Fruits 5 types; Flower garlands, Dhoti & Upper Cloth. The remaining items will be provided mainly by the Purohit Sangam itself

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  1. I am interested in doing Upanayan Sanskar at TTD from TTD Purohit Sangam. Please let me know how much it costs? And what arrangements I should make from my side.


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