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Shirdi Temple Abhishek Pooja Timings Online Booking

Know the latest news about the Shirdi Temple Abhishek Pooja Timings Online Booking, Shirdi temple Abhishekam Booking at the temple daily

Shirdi temple is the abode of Sai Baba. Every year lakhs of pilgrims visit the temple of Shirdi. Most pilgrims who visit the Shirdi temple want to participate in some special pooja in the temple. The best pooja the pilgrims can take part in is the Abhishek pooja in the Shirdi temple. The Abhishek pooja in the temple is conducted daily and the pilgrims can book for the pooja. The pilgrims who come to Shirdi can attend the Abhishek and can take part in the same. The pilgrims need to book before the Abhishek pooja. The pilgrims can book either offline or else online at the Shirdi official website.

The pilgrims have to make sure they attend the Abhishekpooja on the day of booking. Because the booking once made cannot be postponed or cancelled. Many pilgrims will be in need of the Abhishek pooja tickets at Shirdi. But the pooja tickets are limited and the pilgrims who book the tickets on a first come first serve basis are allowed.

Shirdi Temple Abhishek Pooja Timings Online Booking

  • The daily timings of the Abhishek Pooja at the Shirdi temple are conducted three times
  • The timings are 07:00 am – 08:00 am, 09:00 am – 10:00 am and 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • The time duration of the Abhishek Pooja is 1 hour. The pilgrims who purchased the tickets will be allowed before the start of the Abhishek Pooja and will be allowed to sit in the temple
  • After the completion of the Abhishek Pooja, the pilgrims will be allowed for Darshan
  • The pilgrims can book for the tickets online at the temple’s official website. The pilgrims can also get the tickets at the temple ticket counter on the day of the pooja or before the day. But the online tickets are limited
  • The pilgrims have to wear the traditional dress of the Abhishek Pooja at the Shirdi temple.

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