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Tirupati Regional Science Centre Timings Entry Ticket Fee

Know the latest news about the Tirupati Regional Science Centre Timings Entry Ticket Fee, Tirupati Visiting place Science Centre Sightseeing

Tirupati Science Centre is one of the unique visiting places for the pilgrims who comes to Tirupati with Children. The Science Centre has established in Tirupati long back for the benefit of the Children and adults as a part of incorporating better knowledge. The Science Centre consist of an area with all the science experiments and apparatus which explains various science principle. This place is a must for the Children and this Science Centre will definitely make a change in their lives.

Below are the details about the Science Centre in Tirupati which is located on Zoo park road. The Science Centre can be reached by walk from Alipiri as well. It is just 10 minutes walk. The walk will also be very scenic for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can also reach the Science Centre using their own vehicles. The TTD free bus also runs through this route and the pilgrims can get on the Free bus and reach the Science Centre.

Tirupati Regional Science Centre Timings Entry Ticket Fee

Below are the daily timings of the Science center in Tirupati

  • The ticket price is Rs. 35 for the science center, Rs. 40 for the planetarium, Rs. 30 for the 3D Film Shows, and Rs. 10 for the Science Shows
  • Science Centre is open on all the days of the year except on Ganesha Chaturthi & Deepavali during a year
  • The visitors can access the Science centre facilities on special days like Telescope etc
  • This Science Centre is one of the unique places to visit in Tirupati. The zoo park and the Science Centre lie on the same route from Tirupati.
  • The Science Centre will also be doing a special program for the students in a year. The Science Centre in Tirupati provides discounted prices as well for different institutions.

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